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Some people want to look after someone who has died at home, and to make all funeral arrangements themselves.  There is certainly no legal requirement to engage the services of a funeral director.  In many respects it is a very straightforward process, especially if you know exactly what you want.

For some, this is a very important gift to the person who has died and it may have been the express wish of the person who has died.  It is possible for friends and family to make all the arrangements without any “professional” support and if this feels right to you then we would strongly encourage you to do exactly that.

Even for people who are very experienced at arranging funerals, some aspects of the arrangement may seem a little daunting or unclear.  If that is the case then we are very happy to provide some guidance and advice on the areas that you would like some help with.  For some families, this may be help with the completion of statutory paperwork, some advice about personal care or for us to provide a coffin, shroud or transport on the day of the funeral.

There are also a number of excellent online resources, which provide information and advice on arranging a Home (or Do-It-Yourself) funeral.  For example, you may find the Home Funeral Network, the Good Funeral Guide and the Natural Death Center websites helpful.  A number of people who we have supported with a home funeral have shared a review of our services on Funeral Advisor.

If you would like to look after someone who has died and arrange a funeral yourself, but would like some guidance from us, we would be more than happy to support you at a cost of £750 for our time, expertise and help with transport.  If you are considering this option then please don’t hesitate to call your local Full Circle service and we can answer all of your questions with no obligation to use our services,


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Specialists in providing for humanist serices. Civil celebrant available with Full Circle.
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Full Circle – Home funeral support



The principle of a home funeral is that we would offer information, reassurance and a small amount of physical support but that the majority of the arrangements are being made by friends and family.  Home funeral support means that we will not bring the person who has died into our care in one of our services. 

We could offer support in the following areas:

Offer guidance, reassurance and some practical support with personal care

Provide guidance with paperwork and liaison with third parties

Provide guidance and support to source a coffin (although this should be delivered to the home)

Provide a vehicle of choice to bring the person who has died to the service or committal location

Specialists in providing for humanist serices. Civil celebrant available with Full Circle.
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