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We will first listen to you, and then tailor our support to best meet your needs


With the right support, you can plan a funeral which reflects on the unique life of the individual who has died. People benefit from personalised support when planning a funeral – some people want to understand their choices and be empowered to take control of the arrangement process whereas other people prefer to be given clear and transparent guidance.

The following pages provide you with some information regarding the funeral planning options available and when we meet with you.  We understand that some people are very experienced at arranging funerals, whereas others have never had to make arrangements before.  Some people have had positive experiences in the past, whereas others have more challenging memories and may be particularly clear about what they don’t want.  We work hard to adapt the style and tone of the support that we provide to meet the needs and requirements of the families who choose us.

When considering funeral choices, it is really important to us that the prices associated with any choices are clear and transparent (before the choice is made).  We do not have funeral packages, rather we have a full itemised price list, and we hope that this means that you will only spend money on things that you value and are important and that the cost of the funeral is clear to you at all times (and not a surprise when the invoice arrives at the end). There are various options for prices and donations available.

We will prepare an estimate as soon as possible and then update this estimate as the arrangement process progresses.  We hope that this means that you will feel in control of the costs, in as much as this is possible.


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