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We believe in evidence based practice within funeral care and in the importance of continuous learning and development. Our practice is built on an evidence base, grounded in the research which Full Circle has lead. To find out about our recent and current research work please visit our research page. 

We know from our own experience how hard it can be when you are interested in becoming a funeralcare professionals, but can’t find a way to gain more knowledge and the experience you need to make the move to become a funeral director. We are regularly approached by people who would like to be funeral directors and feel an intuitive connection with the philosophy of care at Full Circle – this is what lead us to launch Full Circle Funerals Partners, our funeral franchise. We wanted to enable motivated, inspiring and professional people to become funeral directors and given them the training and support they need to deliver excellent funeralcare and remove some of the barriers they were facing.

In order to achieve continuous learning and improve the services that we deliver to the families we support, we are very proactive in seeking feedback from the people who use our services and the professionals that we work with. In order to achieve this we also have a strong focus on reflective practice and processes to learn from experience and share that learning across the Full Circle Partners network.  With a diverse network of partners, all with a shared approach and philosophy of person-centred care we can together make a meaningful contribution to improving the quality of care to bereaved people.

For people who just want to know a little bit more about being a funeral director then we also welcome people to come and have a tour of our services or to spend some time with us as  work experience.  Please get in touch with your local services, or our support services team, if this is something that you are interested in.

As part of our commitment to raise awareness about funeral choices and raise expectations about funerals we host funeral wishes workshops to members of the public, community groups and professionals. Furthermore, Full Circle host monthly webinars which are available free for anyone to attend and a schedule of these webinars can be found on our webinar page.

For those that would prefer to explore funeral options themselves and more privately our funeral consumer guide come self-help book, Funerals Your Way is available as a paperback from Amazon, eBook on Kindle or as an audiobook from Audible. We also offer a free service to meet with people and help them understand and articulate their funeral wishes (with no obligation to use our services thereafter).



Specialists in providing for humanist serices. Civil celebrant available with Full Circle.
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Specialists in providing for humanist serices. Civil celebrant available with Full Circle.
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