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When arranging a funeral it makes the funeral process a lot easier if their is clear direction from the person who has died. Our research showed that people found it very comforting to be able to fulfil funeral wishes and that it made them feel much more confident when arranging the funeral.  If there were any tensions in the family then having funeral wishes to base decisions on can also really help to manage conflict.

People describe that fulfilling known funeral wishes feels like “giving a gift” and that can give great consolation.  Interestingly it doesn’t matter if the instructions are very elaborate or simply mention a place, song, preferred flower or reading – the act of gifting was exactly the same.

There are lots of different ways you can express your wishes – you can include them as part of your will, record them in a specific Funeral Wishes document or simply tell people close to you what you want.

People are prompted to express their wishes by many different things.  Some may have recently attended or arranged a funeral, may have found out that they have a life limiting condition or may find that they have strong views about what they do (or don’t) want.  Whatever the trigger, many people find it helpful to discuss their thoughts with someone who can make some suggestions and guidance.

We truly recognise the importance of funeral wishes and therefore offer a free funeral wishes services.  We regularly meet with people face-to-face, via video- or telephone call to help them to record your funeral wishes.  Following the meeting here is absolutely no obligation to use our services in the future. Because we see the value of funeral wishes for the families we support, we find it a privilege to be able to help.

If you would like to know more about what is possible then please don’s hesitate to contact us, or you might find our book “Funerals Your Way” a helpful resource.

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Funeral plans


Pre-paid funeral plans allow people to pay for some elements of their funeral now (at today’s prices) and allocate an allowance to be used for other funeral costs at the time the plan is being used.  Some people find it reassuring to have paid for their funeral in advance.  A pre-paid funeral plan policy also allows you to express some funeral wishes, but this can also be done separately.

There are six main funeral plan companies in the UK any some of them (Dignity and The Cooperative Group) are also funeral directors (so plan holders must use Dignity or Coop funeral directors for the plan to be valid).  The remainder of funeral plans are “open” plans and you can choose any independent funeral director who will accept the plan).  Many funeral plans are structured into packages but we prefer people to choose the elements that they want, rather than grouping things together.  So, we offer a Golden Charter independent plan which we believe to be more flexible and bespoke.

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