We are modern funeral directors, committed to supporting the wellbeing of every bereaved individual


As part of that commitment we host a bereavement peer support group, provide information about resources and services that you may find helpful and share ideas of activities that might be helpful


Bereavement affects people in different ways and you may or may not want support with bereavement.  Everyone is different and some people wish to grieve privately whereas others may find it very helpful to get support from friends, family or professionals who have relevant skills and experience.  Equally, some people feel that they would benefit from support soon after they have been bereaved whereas other people would rather find some help much later (sometimes many years later).

Full Circle offer a monthly support group which anyone is able to attend – you can find more information on our support group page. We acknowledge that not everyone may find our support group helpful, so we have included other support which you can access on the following pages:

There are a wide range of books for adults, adolescents and children about death, dying, bereavement and funerals.  At each of our funeral directors services we have a library of books that you can borrow and return when you are ready.  There are also a number of Apps available which are particularly aimed at children and teenagers to help them understand their emotions and make are store memories after someone has died.  We have listed a number of possible resources on our Continuing Bonds page.

With an increase in social media there are also many Facebook and online groups which many people fine helpful.  Some are focused on supporting people in specific circumstances, such as after someone has been bereaved by suicide or for younger people (such as Windowed and Young).  Some people find that they become active members of these groups whereas others simply find it reassuring to see that other people may be having similar experiences and feelings.

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