We are modern funeral directors, committed to supporting the wellbeing of every bereaved individual


We started Full Circle Funerals because we believe that funerals are important and that, with the right support, funerals can be a positive and helpful experience.

While working as funeral directors, we were approached by many people who wanted to be funeral directors themselves but didn’t feel confident to start their own business.  It can be very challenging to understand how to become a funeral director and there are very few opportunities to gain any insight into what it is like to be a funeral care professional.

It is rare for funeral directors to welcome people in for work experience or for funeral care to be included in recruitment events.  As there are no regulations and no National Minimum Standard or Cope of Practice to refer to that can also create barriers for people who want to understand if a career in funeral care would be right for them.

Many of these people have told us they feel the way that Full Circle Funerals supports people is aligned with their personal values and vision of good funeral care.  Furthermore, we felt that many of these people would be excellent funeral directors, and were bringing all the right skills, motivation and experience to the role.  So, we decided to create a framework to give them the support they were asking for and launched the Full Circle Funerals Partners franchise network in January 2020, with support from franchising experts at Lime Licencing Group.

Importantly, every Full Circle Funerals Partner is a small, local and independent business and they receive support from an experienced team of funeral directors and managers at Full Circle Funerals.  We believe this creates a helpful balance of a funeral business remaining independent and local, while also receiving support from a wider, motivated and engaged team of colleagues.  As the Full Circle Funerals Partners network expands the opportunities to share good practice, learning and professional experience increases exponentially; allowing us to collectively make a meaningful contribution to improving the quality of funeral care across the UK.

Specialists in providing for humanist serices. Civil celebrant available with Full Circle.
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